Business activities

Business activities


MILEX has been conducting activities in the tourism industry for many years, and thus is able to perfectly satisfy expectations and tastes of tourists. Each year, we try to increase offer in the tourism industry, in order to raise the standard of offered services.

In order to meet the tourists’ expectations, in 2003, MILEX  purchased a historical palace in Trzęsacz; it will become the basis for an exclusive leisure complex. We invite you to look through our tourist offer. LINKS below will give you fast access:


Environmental protection

Ochrona środowiska - MILEX

Each of us, performing our own social, economic, or political role in life, may significantly help the nature - both as a person and a legal entity. MILEX is certainly aware that such vision and active support for the nature is a prospective issue. These circumstances have urged us to base the company s strategy on a program of long-term environmental protection at different levels of our company s activities. Facing problems related to recycling and management of contaminated dredged material from deepened bodies of water, the company is now implementing a technology allowing production of building materials of such material under working names MX-1 and MX-2, which can be used in the construction of flood banks and roads.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the information contained in our Environmental Protection section.



Rolnictwo - oferta w branży rolniczej - MILEX Szczecin

Presently, our company manages more than 380 hectares of land, including 330 hectares of land in good agricultural condition.

The company specializes in production of cereals and rape for sale. Moreover, MILEX offers hay and haylage production as fodder for horses in Trzęsacz and cattle in Bieczan.

Additionally, the company owns a plantation of spruce and fir, covering the area of ca. 50 ha, intended for sale as Christmas trees.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with section Agriculture and look through our offer in this scope. The links below will help you reach faster interesting information in this section.


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